I have finally joined the twenty-first century and made this website hTTPS only. This is supposedly good for Google ranking and it is definitely good for privacy.
A few years have passed so it seemed like it was time for yet another website change. I’ve not changed much visually, but I’ve changed the entire static content generation stack.
Where I work, we use VMware to virtualize the majority of our servers. Last year, we bought four new servers in order to provide more resources to our virtual evironment, and also to aid in the upgrade to vSphere 4 from VI3. The plan was to power off all virtual machines and perform an offline migration of all the VMs from the old cluster to the new cluster. However, we were also migrating from the vSwitch to the distributed virtual switch (dvSwitch).
Up until last week, this website was run on a generic shared hosting account. For the most part, this worked well. At times, it could be slow. I went through all kinds of trouble to tune WordPress as much as I could to make it respond faster. Unfortunately, a lot of the slowness was in the shared MySQL server that they provided. I had them move me between servers a few times, but it never fully resolved the issues.
This evening, I was staying late at work. I decided to go grab a bag of chips from the vending machine. I punched in the code to see what the price was for my chips, since I couldn’t see it behind the glass. Instead of showing the price on the LCD, I heard a plunk noise. My chips were free?!

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